Private Events

The American offers on-site event services for all types of affairs. We bring our big commercial griddle (our “grilled cheese cart”), and cook-off grilled cheese sandwiches right before your eyes. We offer both indoor and outdoor services for events as small as 40 people, and up to 4,000. 

Restaurant Rentals 

All of our restaurants are available for your special private use, any evening of the week. Pricing starts at $650 for a full restaurant rental, including food, beverages, beer & wine, and a dedicated staff to make your event a success. 

Vending and Markets

We’d love to vend at your farmers’ market, street food park, sporting event, food-truck gathering, or festival. The American vends for small and large events, with attendance ranging from 100 to 200,000! We have extensive experience and an expert team that can cook, serve and please efficiently and perfectly