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“#2: Best Grilled Cheese in the US”
Food & Wine Magazine, December 2014

“A standout grilled cheese sandwich…If a grilled cheese is your kind of lunch, then this is your kind of lunch spot.”
SFist, November 2014

“American Grilled Cheese Kitchen has become a lunch hot spot for hipsters and professionals because of its namesake: artisanal grilled cheese sandwiches”
Wall Street Journal, June 2010

“The crème fraîche-enriched, crouton-topped smoky tomato soup is delicious… and [The American] does manage to serve up finger-glossing slices of warm comfort. With two degrees from MIT, Gibson is a kind of grilled cheese engineer”
SF Weekly, May 2010

“More than a thousand Yelpsters wax lyrical on the creamy, crispy goodness of those sandwiches…[they] made us ravenous. Consider yourselves warned. ”
San Jose Mercury-News, January 2014

“[They have] matured the dish, taking it to a level of adult grilled cheese perfection that will completely overshadow any trace memories you have of thin cheese sammies that linger in your subconscious. Think gourmet cheeses, local produce, and levain bread that would make Baby Jesus cry…Get thee to the American Grilled Cheese Kitchen as soon as possible.”
Bay Area Bites, KQED Public Radio, January 2011

“This restaurant takes one item and makes it incredibly well…And the setting is appealing, too.”
"Ten Great Places to Bite into A Surprising Sandwich," USA Today, April 2012,