Bring the magic of grilled cheese to your community!

Become part of The American family as a Grilled Cheese Kitchen franchisee. 

What makes The American so magical?

Our team. Our menu. Our values. Our customer experience.

We are a home-grown family business that values high-quality, locally-sourced ingredients to craft the perfect, luxe grilled cheese, tomato soup, and comfort foods. In fact, our Commander-in-Cheese, Heidi Gibson, is a 7-time Grilled Cheese Champion! We emphasize a unique and fun grilled cheese experience for our customers, and a career-building leadership program for our team members.

Our brand is also nationally recognized, with dozens of press appearances and a nationally best-selling cookbook, Grilled Cheese Kitchen. We literally wrote the book on grilled cheese.

Our stores are also simple to build: they require minimal mechanical utilities and can operate out of 1500 square feet or less!

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If you are interested in franchising, please answer a few questions below, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. Franchises will be available in all 50 states as we expand, and we will share our Franchise Disclosure Document with you after a preliminary evaluation of your qualifications.

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